Today will be the largest moon in the world supper moon 2020

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Wow, The Great News, The moon is approaching the earth today this year. NASA says this supermoon is known as ‘Pink Moon’. The biggest and brightest moon of this year will be seen on Wednesday night in Bangladesh. the moon is approaching the earth’s supermoon.

The distance from the earth to the moon is 1 lakh 3 thousand kilometers. But on Wednesday, the distance will be reduced to 3 lakh 3 thousand kilometers.

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As a result, 3 percent of the moon and 5 percent of the moon will appear bright. The moon moves closer to the Earth at a certain time as it rotates around the Earth by its own orbit. At that time the moon looks like a huge plate in the sky.

It’s called Super Moon. In the last 20 years, a total of 5 Super Moon has been seen. That is, once every three months a super moon has been seen in the sky. So this year will see even more Super Moon. However, the biggest super moon is the only one of the year. That is going to be today.

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