SEO Business, Continuous Effort, Legacy and a Success Story!

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Hi, Gays Here I Provide you Legacy and a Success Story of Continuous Effort and SEO Business. I think This Post Help To Success On SEO Business. SEO & Internet Marketing is a versatile sector. If you can learn just the right thing, you can use your skills in a variety of ways.

Most people in Bangladesh still think that online income can be done only by freelancing. Freelance – Outside of outsourcing, there are many ways that you can earn using the only SEO skill; That’s not what many people want to believe.

SEO Business, Continuous Effort, Legacy and a Success Story! 1

I would like to share with you one thing today. Many in our Student Group regularly share their success stories. We are all inspired. But today’s issue is different. Success is the story, but what I like most about this story is that it has a strong will and a new but specific theme to work on. We read a lot of case-studies online, watch a lot of videos – but working on it and regularly scouring it to achieve success – is as slim as ours.

Actually, it’s hard to do, but it’s easy to watch videos or read case studies. Our Abdullah Al Masud Rimon has started this difficult task of breaking down all inclination and alchemy and is also having success.

Idea is originally from Arman Mohd’s brother and execution is from Rimon’s brother.

Let’s just put her words down –

——— *** ——-

SEO Business, Continuous Effort, Legacy and a Success Story! 2

SEO Business, Continuous Effort, Legacy and a Success Story!

I know that many people like me have a big problem behind starting a Nish site. Today I will share one of my stories, you can read if there is no work in hand. For those who have not been able to start a Nish site for budget, this post may be helpful to some.

After joining NShamimPro I did some niche keyword research. Most of which were Low Competitive Keywords, unable to get started due to budget.

But how does the dream remain unfulfilled in the absence of a budget.
I tried on upwork and fiber to collect the budget and the result was too much because of the high compatibility.

Not long ago, a single brother of our NShamimpro made a post on how Backlink Resources can be collected and sold, and how there will be a demand for backlinks in the future.
The words of his post impressed me very strongly.

Later I thought if I was upset about the lack of budget, I would not have to go through the budget, something alone needs to be done.
From the thought that started to work, I went down to show guest posting on the street shown by Shamim Bhai. The purpose is to collect backlink resources for all Nish.

I started to outreach the guest post without ordering a client but I was getting good response but the problem was that most of the money was being sought for the guest post.

I brought in a minimum budget with those who wanted more money.
Thus, after a few days, there are many sites who are actually accepting guest posts and giving links to exciting content.

Still going to list it maybe one day this link resource will give me good output.

In the meantime I worked for a small local client such as the Basic Link Building, and also provided the guest post service. We also provided guest postal service to some of the older brothers in the NShamimPro group.

An American website developed a relationship with Oner while doing guest post reach for one of my local clients. I went to his site for guest post and also did guest post on his site.
Later on using Ahrefs to see the traffic on his site, I discovered that some of his keywords are on the end of the first page and the second page.

I told him that if you give some links to these content then the rank will improve and the revenue will double.

She agreed with Advice and said that I work with SEO on my own and I am busy with my other projects so I could not give the project time.

He also showed me the SEO company he works for. I found out that there are 4 major companies as marketing project managers.

Here I used a little opportunity, saying that if you do not have time, I can make you a guest post outreach.
The next day the mail arrives, she agrees to outreach me and will need several backlinks per month.

I have been doing this for the past two months, the total expense for a niche site every month comes from this client.

As well, I have a list of link resources but it is getting heavier.
Now I have started applying the technique of finding clients outside the marketplace in the way shown by Shamim Bhai. Hopefully, I’ll get some clients soon.

The bottom line is that if you have problems with your budget, you need to do something to collect the budget.

If you are upset that this is not just my budget, then there is no profit, then do something that will add budget to your niche site.

Thanks for reading hard, always good

Please bless me.

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What did you think?

Do not sit hands down and get down to work today. If you do not have an investment or a budget, try to maximize it – how to manage it. Suppose you don’t know English, don’t know how to write – you’re sitting for it. But you should spend time learning English, planning English for the next 6 months, and then starting SEO or blogging. Suppose you don’t have a budget, try to get work in the freelance marketplace and deposit that money for a blog. This is the Mindset, this is the main feature of successful people.

I remember, in college life (at 25), I used to save money every day, go to a cybercafe and open up new blogs and blog posts on blogspot and post hijabs – which, of course, is a lot of work later.

The results of the work you do today may not be today or tomorrow. But someday it will surely bring success to you.

Everyone learns marketing. It costs a lot of money to buy a course, but what is really needed most – everyone is quite reluctant to get down to that task. The result is never good.

If you want to be different from all this, then get down to work, keep everyone interested wherever you are, if one method does not work, move on to another, but stick to what you have planned to achieve that success.

Good luck

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