Sending Gifts To Postal Service By Brazil in 2020

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Hey, Gues Here I am Discuss Sending Gifts To Postal Service By Brazil Postal Service in 2020. One of the foremost recurring questions we receive from our readers is said to sending and receiving gifts via the Brazilian mail, referred to as Correios. Here we have got the last word guide to answer these questions.

Brazilians like to give and receive gifts but sometimes a gesture of appreciation may find yourself giving an undesirable headache to the recipient of the gift in Brazil, as they find themselves during a situation where they need to pay an outsized sum to receive a present that they weren’t even expecting.

Although Correios has been awarded prizes year after year together of the foremost reliable institutions in Brazil, we’ve received several hundred messages from angered foreigners who have posted gifts to Brazil and heard weeks later that the recipient was required to pay taxes so as to retrieve their gifts.

Besides import taxes, they’re sometimes also charged handling fees and storage costs for his or her parcels. Others complain that the recipient never got the parcel in the least, or that it took several months for the gifts to urge to the recipient.

Sending Gifts To Postal Service By Brazil

Firstly, it’s important to worry that imported goods to Brazil are taxable, albeit declared as gifts. Therefore if you’ve got previously sent a parcel to Brazil which wasn’t taxed, you ought to interpret this as an exception, not as a rule. The Brazilian Federal Revenue Service, referred to as Receita Federal, oversees all the incoming parcels and collects systematically some samples for inspection, which explains why some are taxed, and other ones aren’t.

Which cases are exempt from taxes?

As a rule of thumb, parcels sent from a personal individual abroad to a different private individual in Brazil with items that have a complete value below USD 50 are exempt from paying taxes. If the gifts are sent from a corporation or to a corporation, the recipient is taxable. it’s important to be accurate once you are declaring the worth of the products, as stating false information is taken into account a criminal offense, and if the visualization retains your package for verification you’ll end up in trouble.

Never try the excuse that the merchandise is employed so as to decrease the declared value, as this may not stick and you would possibly be caught by the visualization. In these cases the agent may set the worth they concede to be the local market value for the merchandise or similar, which can even be above the particular value of the products. you’ll also risk having taxes calculated on the worth of a replacement product albeit goods are literally used because the agent won’t evaluate its condition.

As said previously, you’ll be ready to receive packages with declared amounts which are slightly above USD 50 without the payment of taxes but this is often an exception, not a rule.

Books, and in some instances medicines, are often received by private individuals tax-free, but these are special cases that we’ll not discuss during this article.

What do I do when my package is already charged taxes?

Unfortunately, there’s not much you’ll do after your parcel is taxed aside from posing for your recipient to buy it, alternatively, the parcel may, in the best case, be returned to you. there’s little use trying to speak to Correios or Receita Federal about it, as little is going to be done to unravel it. we all know this is often upsetting, but that’s how the local regulation works and there’s little or no which will be done.

If your parcel was sent through an express courier like FedEx, DHL, UPS, TNT or alike, the package is going to be charged no matter the declared amount, so be prepared to pay the taxes. These express services will calculate the taxes for all packages that arrive in the country so as to clear them quickly and fulfill delivery times. you’ll contact your courier to verify if there’s an option for the sender to hold all local taxes.

Our best advice is to avoid sending gifts that are worth quite USD 50, and if possible attempt to use the regular mail, not the express.

Contacting Correios or Receita Federal

If you continue to got to ask Correios, you’ll attempt to reach them on the subsequent phone numbers:

  • 3003 0100 for capitals and metropolitan regions
  • 0800 725 7282 for other cities in Brazil
  • 0800 725 0100 for suggestion and complaints

To reach Receita Federal is way harder as they are doing not provide phone numbers or addresses for his or her offices where you’ll solve these issues face to face. The communication with Receita Federal is usually intermediated by the courier or mail, and thus to possess direct access to them is virtually impossible. However, you’ll attempt to formalize a complaint via the Finance Ministry Ombudsman, which also handles issues associated with Receita Federal. The Ombudsman contacts are:

Phone number 0800 702 1111, Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 8 PM Completing the shape online on the Finance Ministry Ombudsman website Note that these telephone numbers might not be working if you’re calling from variety outside Brazil and that they don’t provide specialized service in English.

What if I would like to send gifts above USD 50?

For parcels up to USD 500, the custom clearance procedures are relatively simple and handled by Correios. Correios will perform the calculation of taxes and you’ll need to pay them upon retrieval of the package at the post office. The local postal office will send the recipient a telegram or a notice with information and directions on the way to devour the parcel and pay the taxes. The taxes are going to be paid through a simplified taxation invoice, or Nota Tributação Simplificada, known for the acronym NTS. Most post office agencies only accept the payment in cash.

Parcels with items above USD 500 and up to USD 3 000 can not enjoy the simplified scheme described above. Usually, the simplest thanks to shipping these quite parcels via Correios is to accept as true with the recipient to use the modality “Importa Fácil” by Correios. However, Importa Fácil would require the issuance of a billboard invoice and a simplified import declaration, referred to as DSI, alongside a simplified import license, LSI.

To issue these documents you’ll be charged handling fees of BRL 290 additionally to the shipping costs and taxes. The recipient must even be registered on the Importa Fácil systems which they follow a couple of procedures outlined on the Correios website.

What fees will the recipient need to pay if the gift is taxed?

If the gift is imported via Correios, either using NTS or Importa Fácil, the taxes are going to be 60% of the customs value plus ICMS if applicable. The ICMS will apply counting on the state where the parcel is delivered, so you’ll get to make sure with the recipient. The customs value is calculated as a sum useful of products, shipping, and insurance.

If the parcel features a declared value of but USD 500, Correios will add a handling fee of BRL 12 plus storage fees if the parcel isn’t picked up within the required date on the notice or telegram.

For cases when the gift is imported via Importa Fácil a bolero with all taxes is going to be generated and can be sent by e-mail to the recipient.

Wrongfully taxed gifts

If you’re not intimidated by all this bureaucracy and still believe that the parcel you shipped or received was wrongfully taxed, it’s possible to file a complaint at the post office agency where the parcel is stored before you create the payment of the taxes and retrieve it.

The procedure requires that you simply complete forms which may be found here, which you email several documents to the Federal Revenue Service and to the mail. The e-mail addresses and further instructions must be obtained at the local postal office. there’s no set time-frame for the analysis process to be completed, and you’ll be requested to send additional documents to back up your complaint.

Note that there’s no guarantee that your complaint is going to be accepted and through this process, daily storage fees charged by the postal office will incur. just in case your complaint is denied, you’ll find yourself having to buy late fees associated with importing taxes because the maturity will remain unchanged.

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