NAB Assistant Director Past Papers Questions In 2016 – 2017

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Here I’m Provide You vital NAB Assistant Director Past Papers Questions – 2016 – 2017. I hope I’ts Help Your NAB Assistant Director Past Papers Questions In 2016 – 2017 Exam.

Now paper goes to be according to the FPSC test pattern. Therefore, we persist with the pattern of FPSC. Here you’ll find MCQs from all topics, so lets start….

NAB Assistant Director of Past Papers’ Questions in 2020

Subject:- English

Antonyms of the followings:

  1. Transient – A. Carried B. Close C. Permanent D. Removed
  2. Unseemly- A. Effortless B. Proper C. Conductive D. pointed
  3. Superfluous- A. Voluntary B. Hard C. Moral D. Essential
  4. Obsolete- A. Heated B. Desolate C. Up so far D. Automatic
  5. Fallow – A. Foolish B. Cultivated C. Bountiful D. Stubborn
  6. Hypocritical- A. Genuine B. Sensible C. Careful D. Puritanical

NAB Assistant Director of Past Papers’ Questions 2020

  1. Transient –  A. Carried B. Close C. Permanent D. Removed
  2. Unseemly- A. Effortless B.  Proper C. Conductive D. pointed
  3. Superfluous- A. Voluntary B. Hard C. Moral D. Essential
  4. Obsolete- A.  Heated B. Desolate C. Up to date D. Automatic
  5. Fallow – A. Foolish B. Cultivated C. Bountiful D. Stubborn
  6. Hypocritical- A. Genuine B. Sensible C. Careful D.  Puritanical

NAB Assistant Director of Past Papers’ Questions 

  1. Which one of the following is metal? Iron
  2. What are the functions of Detergents: Reduce Surface Tension of water
  3. Rainbow is caused by Reflection
  4. Why do stars twinkle: Refraction
  5. The chemical present in bones and teeth? Calcium phosphate
  6. The rearview mirror of a motor vehicle? Convex
  7. The sun appears red at sunshine and sunset while it is white at noon because of? Scattering of light due to dust particles
  8. When Iqbal granted the title of sir? 1922
  9. Hazrat Umar (R.A) died at the age of? 63
  10. Pak resolution presented by? A.K Fazlul Haq
  11. The famous city of Pakistan for sports items? Sialkot
  12. During Hijrah, Hazrat Muhammad PBUH traveled on _______ . Camel
  13. Hazard Muhammad PBUH stays at whose house? Ayub Ansari R.A
  14. Who was called Showboy of Congress by Quaid e azan? Abu Al-Kalam Azad
  15. NAB judge is appointed for the period of: 3 years
  16. NAB ordinance came into force from which year and date: January 1985
  17. Which religion rates Hazrat Michael superior to Jibrael (a s)? jews
  18. Three canal system on which rivers:
  19. Number of Surah Starting with Qul: 5
  20. Allahabad address was organized by? Muslim League
  21. Aligarh institute gazette was a Magazine? Multilingual
  22. Resolution for the inclusion of Muslim judges in act? 1909
  23. Triple Canal Project was to convert water from Ravi to Chenab and from Chenab to River? Ravi
  24. After partition, the central Secretariat was made at? Karachi
  25. Which Angel takes out the souls? Izrael
  26. The battle after Uhad was: Trench (Khandaq)
  27. The red color of blood is due to- Haemoglobin
  28. When you go up, the atmospheric pressure: Decrease
  29. Naftali namaz at midday is known as: Chasht

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