Find out about “Google AdSense Approval” – the answers to 20 unknown questions

Find out about "Google AdSense Approval" - the answers to 20 unknown questions 1
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Here I Traying To Answer Google AdSense Approval” – the answers to 20 unknown questions.  Find out about “Google AdSense Approval” – the answers to 20 unknown questions

Find out about "Google AdSense Approval" - the answers to 20 unknown questions 2

Q: 1 Here are some questions for getting Google Adsense Non-Hosted Account Approve
1. What is the minimum number of articles before the application ???
2. What else to add besides Us, Contact, Privacy & Policy ??? Or is it better to have ??
3. Is it possible to take advantage of Google Non-Hosted Account through banner ads on Google with Google Adwords ??? Or what is the priority for Adsense Approve?
4. Is it possible to get Approve if Content Image is used with Google Search? Or should I publish Unique Image and Unique Article?

5. What checklists do you think need to be created before applying to Google Adsense ???

Answer –

Answer 1. 30-40-50 is better. The more the merrier
Answer 2. About Us, Contact, Privacy & Policy & DMCA Besides, make sure that no category is left blank. Keep a minimum of 5-6 hours of content in each category. Then it is better.
Answer 3. There is no added benefit to AdSense Approval for any ad with Google Adwords. Google has no such policy.
Answer 4. A unique Image is the best. However, never take a copyrighted image from Google, change the title and size of any image. No problem.

Answer 8. Before you apply for Google Adsense, you must create some Check List.
* Check that all posts on the site are 80-90% unique and within Google policy.
** Check all the important pages of the site.
*** 40-50 of the site’s posts are properly indexed, see Webmaster Tools
**** The design of the site should be user and SEO friendly.
***** All the necessary things should be kept in white side navigation and layout.
****** If you rank at the top of some organic keywords in search engines, the extra pie can be found. (Although Content is BIG King) If you check all these things properly and apply them with a site that lasts for 50-60 days, it is possible to get approval at the first chance of 100% sure.

All new questions and answers

Q: 1 How many Word articles would be good?

Q: 1 It is better if each article is 400-500 words. The more the better.

Q: 2 What is the effect of Alexa rank for Non-Hosted Adsense?

Answer: No.

Q: If the 3 brothers’ articles are spun and Google’s Copy Scape premium is passed, will it give Adsense?

Answer: Many people have tried in this way, but no one has got it. Unique articles are easily available. If you are thinking of spinning the article, it will not happen, brother.

Question: 4
1. Domain name: Will there be a problem with the word?
2. Will there be any problem if you take the image from Google with a unique article?

Answer: 1. No problem. However, I would suggest choosing a domain name by targeting Keywords. That would be better.

2. Do not take any copyrighted / protected image from Google. And even if you take a Google image, you will change the title and size of the image. Hopefully, there won’t be any problems.

Q: There are 40-50 unique articles on 5 sites, but can you get AdSense with a site that has very few visitors?

A: Google wants good quality content. Visitor No Fact Top Level Domain, About, Contact, Privacy & DMCA page will get approval if it is correct.

Question: Which niche is more approved for non-hosted from Bangladesh? Any Suggestion to start a new blog for a quick approval. I mean which niche gets approval easily?

Answer: Good question. Most of the time I get more approvals with Smartphone review, Education Result & Technology sites.

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Q: Can I use a subdomain for Google AdSense?

Answer: Yes .. but first you have to approve the top-level domain, then you can use AdSense in the subdomain.

Q: Will Adsense be approved on that troll site? What does the content look like?

A: If this topic does not violate Google’s policy, you can get approved with 40-50 good quality posts. I would suggest a product base and an informative site. Example: Smartphone review, Technology g tips, health tips.

Q: 9 website article Jul minimum number of words to be?

Answer: 400-500 words is better. Otherwise, it may show insufficient content.

Q: Is it possible to get approval for any site other than 10 blogs? Such as Kochchen Anser, How to ETC.

Answer: If the authority of such a site is of good quality + Alexa Rank should be below 1 lakh. Must do SEO for a minimum of 5-6 months. Then there is a chance of power.

Question 11: What is the “Blogspot tutorial” like? Get it? 2. Would it be better if I add the top domain in Or will I buy a hosting and add a domain?

Ans: 1. AdSense is easily approved with web design, SEO, Graphic tutorial or technology tips site. 2. It would be better to build a site in WordPress with hosting. You will get more benefits in SEO.

Q: 12 If all the visitors of my site come from Facebook, will you give AdSense?

Answer: Google will give AdSense even if there are no visitors if the site is built according to all the laws. The demand for visitors from Google search engine is more than the demand for visitors on Facebook. So more emphasis should be placed on SEO.

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Question 13: What is the difference between Hosted and non-hosted AdSense?

Answer: The main difference between Hosted Adsense & Non-Hosted Adsense is that Hosted can only be used on Google’s site Youtube & Blogger. However, I have heard that Hosted Adsense obtained after 2014 has trouble showing ads on Blogger. Non-Hosted Adsense Maximum 500 Website can be used on its own site. Revenue Sharing Sem 6%.

Q: 14 You are putting a lot of emphasis on good quality articles. Well, brother, is the quality of the article good or bad? Is there any site or software to check it? What are the qualities of a good quality article?

A: Here are all the popular tools. You can check with Paid The tools show better results

Question: 15
1. I have a blog in the Blogger domain that has not been set yet I will set the domain in a few days. So far 50 posts have been made. All posts are 80% unique. 100+ visitors come to my blog every day. After setting the domain, how many days after applying Adsense can get approval?

2. What do I mean by good content, brother? Tell me a little.

3. If there is a problem with my content and if I can understand it after applying it once and if I delete those content and apply fresh content again then what will be the problem to get approved?

Ans: 1. Where to set the domain? Blogger? I will not say. Create your own site in WordPress. WP Best SEO Friendly smile emoticon, However, if you set the domain on Blogger, apply after one month. If the content is of good quality, you will get approval.

2. Copy-paste free fresh content. Of course grammar, sentence, and how% unique it should be kept in mind, I hope you understand.

3. You will be in danger if you delete it. 404 not Found will come and lose the rank of the site. It would be better to update or re-write the content.

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