English Paragraph A book fair For Class 7, 8 & 10

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Hi Student, Here I am Provide You The English Paragraph A book fair For Class 7, 8 & Nine, Ten. I hope you’ve got found a faculty A book fair paragraph helpful. you’ll also add or edit something if you would like. But you’ll love the expressions during this paragraph. because it is of great use in exams, we propose you undergo this and memorize it by memory.

A Book Fair I Visited

When a number of books are displayed for selling in a particular place is called a book fair. Its origin is very recent but it has become very popular. Last month I visited a fair with my uncle. It was taken place at Bajitpur Degree College.

When I entered into the fair, I found many scholars, authors, writers, teachers and elite persons. Hundred of bookstalls displayed their books. I found that a huge number of books on varied interests. A number of people gathered there.

I brought some novels for myself and for my friends. I found that seminars and cultural programmers were also held in the book fair. I also enjoyed the important speech from the scholars and learned persons.

It seems to me that a book fair makes a person book lovers. It also helps them to know and learn more knowledge. Really I got very pleasure from the fair.

I think that the book fair is the best fair of all. The memory of the books fair will keep in my heart for a long time.

Write a paragraph about “A Book Fair”. Your paragraph should include the answers to the following questions:

  • What is a book fair?
  • What are the main objectives of a book fair?
  • Where is the Ekushe Book Fair held?
  • What is displayed in a book fair?
  • Who crowd at different stalls and why?
  • What do books do?
  • What should the government and the conscious people do?

English Paragraph A Book Fair

A book fair is a place where a huge number of books are displayed for sale. Nowadays, it has become a practice to hold book fairs in our country. The main objectives of a book fair are to create demands and increase readership. The Ekushe book fair in Dhaka is held on the premises of Bangla Academy. Book fairs are now held in district towns too. In a book fair, there are a good number of bookstalls. Lots of books of different categories are displayed for advertisement and sale. It is a great opportunity of having a varied choice of books in the book fair. Book lovers crowd at different stalls to make their choice and to buy books. To the book lovers, it has a great attraction. We should take positive steps to make these fairs more popular and effective.

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