Deputy Accountant Paper Today’s Questions In 2020

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Here I’m Provide You Today’s Deputy Accountant Paper Questions- 22-Dec-19. I hope it I’ts Very Helpfully For Deputy Accountant Paper Today’s Questions In 2020 Exam.

Deputy Accountant Paper Today’s Questions In 2020

  1. Amir Taimur Invasion in – 1398
  2. Meteorology is the study of – Weather
  3. Jihad became obligatory in – 2nd Hijree
  4. Younas Khan made 10,000 runs in test cricket, which another player also made it before – Brain Lara
  5. Laudable meaning- Praise/ Worthy
  6. Human Rights day Observed on – 10-Dec
  7. Earth Quack measured by- seismograph
  8. First Nuclear plant established in – Karachi
  9. Match Stick material contains – Sulfur
  10. The Volga is that the main River of – Russia
  11. In which sports the term “Agricultural Short” is used? – Cricket
  12. Who is that the author of the book ” within the line of fire” – Pervez Musharaf
  13. Football World Cup was hosted by- Russia
  14. MENA conference held at – UAE in Abu Dhabi
  15. American Army Joint chief of staff – Alexander Milley
  16. Obama is that the __ President. – 44th
  17. Which Ibadat is presented to Prophet (P.B.U.H) during Miraj – Namaz
  18. Pure gold is – 24 Carat
  19. How many Indian members in Simon commission – Zero
  20. Crips mission came to India in – 1942
  21. Who presented pauper budget – Liaquat Ali Khan
  22. PNA movement against – Z.A. Bhutto
  23. The latest version of MS-Excel – Excel 2019
  24. Who was the Infield within the battle of Trench – (Not Sure)
  25. Mouse invented by – Douglas Engelbart
  26. Internet invented during – the 1980s
  27. Which country isn’t a member of SAARC- Myanmar
  28. Who isn’t a member of G-7 – Spain
  29. Akbar Court Language – Persian
  30. Chilas Joshi movement event of – Kalash
  31. Amicus Curie means – Arbitrator appointed by the court
  32. Which province is named Babul Islam – Sindh
  33. PTV transmission is started on – Nov-1964
  34. Faisal Mosque is meant by – Turkish Designer
  35. Agrowat City is that the city of – Cambodia
  36. Which is that the second populous continent – Africa
  37. Biggest district of Punjab by area – Bhawalpur
  38. Biggest dam of Pakistan – Tarbela
  39. Who was the primary youngest Muslim of Islam – Hazrat Ali (R.A)
  40. Which Khalifa is named Ameer – e- Sani – Hazrat Umer bin Abdul Aziz
  41. Ladyfinger mountain is situated at – Pakistan
  42. Which River isn’t in Pakistan-
  43. Dr. Qadeer Ph.D. from – Holland
  44. Cricket World Cup hosted by – England
  45. Asian Civilization conference organized by – China
  46. First Hydrogen train introduced by – Germany
  47. Which layer protect ultraviolet – Ozone
  48. Pakistan first Aircraft – JF-7
  49. Slow rate populous continent – Europe
  50. Who introduced silver tanka in folding money – Balban
  51. Agartala Conspiracy instigated by – Sheikh Mujeeb
  52. Heathrow Airport in – London
  53. First Chairman of Senate – Habibullah Khan
  54. Mona Lisa painting made by – Leonardo Leonardo
  55. Subah Banaras sham – Audh
  56. Sona Chandi Drama is written by – Munnu Bhai
  57. Time Magazine started in – 1923
  58. “Politics among nations” written by – Hans Morgenthau
  59. Largest font size in Ms-Word – 72
  60. Bhutto wrote a book name- If I’m assassinated
  61. Antonym of ” Selfish” – Helpful
  62. The best source of vitamin C – Orange
  63. ” To be in two minds” means – To be Uncertain
  64. Gas is employed in Illuminating – Neon
  65. Satyagraha movement started by – Gandhi
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