Comfort and success What stage are you on?

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Hi, Friends, Here I Discuss Comfort and success What stage are you on? Read This Post Success will come to you. I Hope This Post Help On Your Comfort and success Stage.

Comfort and success What stage are you on?

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Comfort Zone:

We are very comfortable. I’m afraid to think of something new. I’m afraid to experiment with something new. I really think a million rupees a month – it’s going well. Let’s go like this.

Fear zone

This time or context is directly related to the comfort zone. Everyone who is in the comfort zone is in the fear zone at the same time. Because you need the confidence to do something new. It takes a little more courage. But since we have to give up our comfort zone, we don’t want to take that risk. Find different excuses. Someone said – “You can’t rank this keyword.” And Omni, you just sat there thinking, not doing enough research. What is coming every month, isn’t it bad, if something new doesn’t work? It means to be satisfied with what you have out of fear.

Learning Zone:

Those who are at this stage, in my opinion, their number is not less. They think of new problems and think of ways to solve them. Suppose someone builds a website. Maybe he has some income every month (through AdSense or affiliation) but his design is not so professional.

So she thinks about how to make her site more beautiful, tries to learn from different online sources, goes to different groups, and asks questions. That means he is not happy with his current condition. I think those who are at this stage are the most likely to succeed.

We all know that famous quote of Steve Jobs – Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish. The hunger, the desire to know more than what you know now – that can take you far.

Growth Zone:

A few days ago, someone asked me a question – “Brother, I am now earning 250 per month. My next goal is to earn ড 500 in the next 6 months. ‘ Two months later he informed me that he was already earning 1000+.

We actually limit ourselves and our abilities through our thoughts. You already think that you can’t make 5,000, you can make, 500. And that’s exactly how we avoid using our potential. This is the difference between us and the people of other countries of the world. How can someone who has never dreamed of earning 5,000 a month earn that money?

Because, if you dream of earning ড 5,000, you will immediately think that –

How many visitors does your website need to have per month to earn 5,000?
How much total content should you publish to bring that amount of visitors?

If you want to rank 50% of your total content, how many links do you need?
How much money should be invested to link that amount and write content?

You see, whenever you dream of  5,000, your subconscious mind will auto-prepare you and your mind for everything you need to do to earn that money.

We hear the words – “Think Big & Dream Big”. The real example I gave above is the real and inevitable form of this Dream Big.

So the bottom line is –

  • If you are in the Comfort Zone and Fear Zone, move to the Learning Zone as soon as possible.
    If you are in the learning zone, think about your own growth.
    Set a specific but quite large goal. Then think about how and what you can do to reach that goal.
    Get rid of clutter you don’t need.

Success will come.

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