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Hi Friends, Today we will discuss the Free Amp blogger template 2020. Throughout the world, over 50% of internet users do not like websites that take more than 3-4 seconds to load. If this is slow, then you are losing your traffic, which you really deserve.

AMP Blogger Templates 2019– Free Premium- looking blogger / Blogspot AMP template. AMP, what is it? What are the benefits and disadvantages of AMP Template? How to install the Blogger AMP template? Read this article for more information.

What is AMP?

AcceleratedMobile Pages (AMP) is a Google initiative that makes a website easy to loading on mobile devices. Sometimes you can see a few pages on Google marked with TE, it’s the AMP symbol. These sites are faster than other AMP sites, as loading takes less time. Therefore, every internet user loves fast sites. It also influences SEO, how? You can increase traffic by 30 percent using the Free AMP Blogger template.

What are AMP Template’s pros and cons?

Pros-You can make your blog much faster than other websites. It also helps you increase blog traffic.
Cons-Limited design is available for AMP pages and you can lose traffic if the AMP HTML is not valid.
Amp blogger template 2019

AMP Blogger Templates 2019 To Boost Your Blog Speed

Check out all the below AMP Blogger templates 2019 with demo and download links:

AMP dompi AMP Blogger Template 2019

In the 6th position, I placed the AMP template made by which was named AMP domain.
This AMP template has a myriad of cool features that will spoil every visitor who opens it, the cool thing is that the developer is very friendly. But unfortunately, he is an outsider and I am not very good at the language so I cannot explain more about this template.
DEMO                DOWNLOAD
AMP touch AMP Blogger Template 2019

Still with the same developer, namely ayudadeblogger, but this time another product, AMP touch, which has the same cool features as the dump AMP template that I have outlined above.
For performance, it is definitely as cool as AMP dompi, but only with a slightly different design, what are the differences? Just find out for yourself huh.
DEMO                DOWNLOAD
AMP kilo Blogger Template 2019
Again, maybe that’s what you are thinking about right now, but this is very reasonable considering that he is a great developer in the world of blogging today.
AMP kilo name, this template is one that you should try if you want to try one by one AMP blogger template to know for yourself which ones are suitable for your heart.
DEMO                DOWNLOAD
AMP Blog Build AMP Blogger Template 2019
AMP Blog Build – Free Blogger Templates in AMP HTML format are changing the free blogger theme game in HTML format and reaching out to many blogs, which they need to move forward with new technology like AMP HTML. Now the Blogger users who need a modern template and the fastest, they have the option to download the theme which you like best for free.

AMP Blog Building is a Blogger Theme in the AMP HTML format, a dynamic template and ready to be installed in any project, AMP Blog Building is a fast, efficient template that uses one of Google’s best practices because it AMP is the project.
DEMO                DOWNLOAD
Cloning kompi ajaib AMP Blogger Template 2019

This template is a cloned template from that used by and interestingly again AMP all the features are the same, but still the name cloning cannot exactly match the original.

For myself, instead of using the clone version, it’s better to buy it directly to Mas Adhy Suryadi, but unfortunately, I don’t like amp because it’s complicated.

DEMO                DOWNLOAD
Seoamp AMP Blogger Template 2019
Seoamp is a Responsive Blogger Template Layer for Accelerated Mobile Pages. It’s a framework with a personal blog view, load, and run everything in one second. This format is designed as Super Website Optimization, Valid AMP HTML, and further Mobile Friendly.
This layout is ideal for you to promote customers, with this super clean look this format really has quick stacking speed.
DEMO                DOWNLOAD
Kompi AMP Blogger Template 2019
Kompi is a stylish AMP powered Blogger Template. This is a great feeling, and it is highly customized. It’s very fast and SEO friendly. It is built in the Bootstrap Framework, which is the most popular front-end framework.
Infinity AMP Blogger Template 2019
Infiniteamp Blogger Theme is created by Arlina, a Blogger Master. This is one of the best SEO Optimized APM Blogger Templates. And this is a widely distributed premium theme. Includes SEO Friendly, Elegant Look, Ultra Responsive, Dynamic Heading, Footer Menu, etc.
DEMO                DOWNLOAD
AMPNews Blogger Template 2019
AMPNews is a responsive free blogger template for magazines, news, and blog websites. It has many functionalities such as popular posts, labels, drop-down menus, headers, footers, and footers.
DEMO                DOWNLOAD
DroidBuzz AMP Blogger template 2019
DroidBuzz is a high- quality Responsive and two-column- based AMP blogger theme that you can easily use on your blog. It is very stylish in appearance and light in feather, which helps you to rank in SERPs. It has a lot of built-in widgets such as search, subscription, etc. Take this theme now!
MDCamp AMP Blogger Template 2019
MDCamp is another excellent AMP Blogger Template which is suitable for every niche. It’s a quick loading, and highly SEO optimized AMP template for Blogspot Blog. The template is designed by highly skilled design, so it has a clean and clean code inside it. There is no danger of any malware inside the template script. It has two column layouts; Main column and sidebar column. The primary article is for content articles and readers to add sidebar recent posts widgets, subscription box widgets, and social media widgets, to add attention to the widget. If you want to use the MDcamp Blogger template, I would like to tell you that you can not use the Blogspot default comment system because it contains the Inbuilt Disqus Comment Box enabled.

Blanterde AMP Blogger Template2019


Blantyre AMP is one of my favorite AMP Blogger Templates in this list. It’s a unique form that can attract your readers too. It is coded by a professional web developer and the code used by the developer is clean and clean. There is no risk of malware scripts. This Blogger Template has a superb two-column layout design and a beautiful drop-down menu bar. This is a very light AMP Blogger Template, and it can increase the speed of loading your blog. Just download it with the button below and use it on your blog right now.

Infinite JLB AMP Blogger Template 2019

Infinite JLB is an inspired work inspired by AMP. Infinite JLB is my complete new look. The main benefit of this template is optimization in the Meta section so that it can be more SEO-friendly. Apart from this, flat-UI color design becomes more attractive, and there are many additional features and designs. And of course, it works very differently from the infinite AMP.
DEMO                DOWNLOAD
NonameAMP Blogger Template2019
NonameAMP is a quick mobile page (AMP) for Blogger Template. It’s a simple design, which, in no time, moves to load and get everything. This template has improved and improved super SEO friendly, and therefore mobile-friendly too. VlettersAMP is a responsive design for 230x devices. This template is Premium Edition.
DEMO                DOWNLOAD
AMP Insta Mobile AMP Blogger Template 2019
Fastest mobile template in the market powered by the latest Google-designed infrastructure Wonderful amp It’s 100% legitimate, and works like a charm! Load immediately and powered by a tone of features!
DEMO                DOWNLOAD
Siniladom AMP Blogger Template 2019

I put the blogger AMP template named Siniladom by the author, the design that is owned may be quite modern in your eyes with 2 columns 1 right sidebar and 4 column footers at the bottom that add to the magazine impression on this AMP template.
DEMO                DOWNLOAD
Using AMP templates on the blogger or Blogspot platform is arguably more difficult than other platforms such as WordPress, which plugins can be installed to simplify the AMP settings.
Blogspot is different because you have to set all of yourself like when inserting an image you can’t upload it directly but you have to use the “AMP-IMG” tag so that the image can be detected and valiant.

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