25 online business ideas for beginners 2020

for beginners,e-Commerce business,25 online business ideas for beginners 2020
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25 Online Business Ideas: 25 online business ideas for beginners 2020, You Can Start From Home. It is impossible to set up a business without new ideas. But many entrepreneurs are in a dilemma as to what new business they will start with. . We have created the app for them with 25 online business ideas.

Who doesn’t want to do profitable business with little capital? Then you start too. The idea that you can earn money by just freelancing outsourcing on the internet is not correct. Many are now earning without freelancing outsourcing. What happens if there is no modernity or innovation in online business?

for beginners,e-Commerce business,25 online business ideas for beginners 2020

You can start your own home-based business tomorrow with very little start-up costs. When an online business is becoming very popular in Bangladesh and when people want to buy a lot of things online or get services, you can also start an uncommon business from among those many things.

Not that no one is working on these business ideas, many are working on such ideas and some may start working on some ideas upfront, but if your start can bring some nice and different occasions, then your online or e-Commerce business will move forward.

25 online business ideas for beginners 2020


1. Makeup or decoration

Decoration or makeup is becoming an essential item for both men and women at weddings, festivals, or various occasions. Over the past few years, you can also work with this service online for offline and by selling various products according to the order through your organization to customers. Can provide service. As the acceptance of your organization as a trustworthy organization increases, the door of a new possibility will open for you and the organization.

2. Home relocation support organization:

Every month or every day, many people change their homes in all parts of the country, including Dhaka city, but they have to find out where to find trusted people or with whom to do this work. But with the help of relocation services, your organization can also easily reach people online. People order online for your work and your organization does it for free without any hassle.

3. Laundry

The people of this busy city of Dhaka have to face many problems from washing clothes to ironing. Your organization can also start working with online laundry services, area-based, or city-wide. In this way, people will be able to take the service at home.

4. Rent a car

We have to rent a car at different times to go to different parts of the country, but what if there is an online car rental system and you can rent a car of your choice and come to Dhaka from outside Dhaka or from another city for your work?

Only a trusted company can easily provide a car booking service to people from any part of the country to avail of this service online.

5. Computer servicing and electric or electronics service

Who wants to go to the store for a problem with their home computer or laptop in a busy city, but there is no trusted online company that can confidently tell them to take my PC or laptop from my home and take me home with the service. The excellent service that your organization can provide, if you can provide the service well and make it popular, a great business will start. In addition to the need for a variety of electrical or electronics items to build or relocate, and the need to provide services, those services or products can be easily accessed by people through your online site.

6. Photography and event management:

Is it possible to have no photography at weddings or events? Never possible. Now, most of the orders for photography are online. If you are a good photographer, you can make a website for your organization and start taking orders through popular online and online sites of your photography profession. In addition, any organization can also provide event management services.

7. Food Order Service:

People want to serve different fun food to the guests at the wedding or different occasions, your organization can make that fun food and service with the order. Or food from various reputable food stores can be delivered to your organization at such events as per the order.

8. Office decoration and interior design

Your organization can provide the service of designing the beautiful interior of the office and your organization can take the order online. In addition, for the decoration of different offices, flower tubs with trees or various necessary things may be provided by your organization. Your organization will provide services for various office tubs with beautiful ornamental trees and will maintain them every few days.

9. Various office stationery items:

The office requires everything from paper to pens and other necessary stationery items, your organization can take orders of those products from different offices online and deliver them.

10. Raw market

Traffic congestion is a major problem in Bangladesh and at the same time the people of our country are constantly busy with their workplaces, people in elite areas of Dhaka city are very busy and in those areas, raw market orders can be taken from people online and home delivery can be given to customers.

11. Furniture Products:

Many people have a lot of thoughts and desires about home furniture and its design. Various established furniture dealers can set up e-commerce sites with furniture. This way, if someone wants to buy furniture online, he can buy it or he can go to the store and order it online.

12. Travel Services:

Leaving the mechanics of the city, many people want to travel to different places in the country and abroad, but when and how to easily travel somewhere, where to stay and need all the help during the journey. And for this you can make a site to provide online travel services. So that by selecting the travel service to different places online and making payment, people can easily go around with the help of your organization. Hotels and resorts can also be booked online in advance if anyone wants to travel on their own.

13. Kitchen items

An e-commerce site can be set up with a variety of kitchen products, only cooking and kitchen utensils and related books can be ordered and bought by the buyers on this site.

14. Daily necessities:

The hawker that goes through the DIS, the internet, or the morning magazines or the dairy products that many people need at home later every day. But where to find someone for this service, or to find a trusted organization is a big challenge. If you want you can create a brand to give these services to the people of the city. People will order your organization online and your organization will provide that service. In addition, if you ever need to paint the house later, the company can also provide that service by ordering online.

15. Men’s product:

Your company can also start selling online only with all the men’s clothing and accessories needed online. This will make your organization different from many other online sites.

16. Women’s clothing

Many women can create their own brand online and sell different products if they want to with women’s clothing and essentials. Many women in Bangladesh are already doing this kind of business online.

17. Old books

Many times after many old books are needed, again many people want to sell old books. If you wish, you can start this challenging business online and also sell various well-known magazines.

18. Shopis:

Many people like beautiful showpieces to decorate the house. So if you want to work with beautiful products, you can sell showpieces to people online through your organization.

19. Pharmacy and medical products

After every day people need different types of medicines, there are some medicines which are not easily available and many medical products are needed in daily life for different types of medical checkups. With these products, you can also create your e-commerce site to take buyer’s orders online.

20 Sports equipment

Having an online site with a variety of sports products can be an excellent online shopping site for those who want to buy these related products, or for many foreign sports products that are not easily available in the country.

21. Bicycle and motorcycle parts

Many people can work online with different parts of the bicycle or motorcycle which are somewhat uncommon. Many times many people need to buy a lot of parts, but many people do not know where to find them, this site can be a great solution in those cases.

22. Lift service:

There are constantly new houses in our country and most of the houses now use elevators to go upstairs. In case of selling or maintaining the lift, work can also be started with good online-offline service.

23. Gift items:

At weddings, people have to give different kinds of gifts on different occasions, but suddenly you can’t decide what kind of exceptional things you will give, you can start your online business with just gift items.

24. Review Service:

Different types of product reviews, writing on different topics are needed by e-commerce merchants at different times. So if you can write well, you can work on your article online through your own site.

25. Fish and cattle meat delivery service

You may be too busy, so you may not be able to go to the market to buy fish or meat, but what if there are online shops that will only deliver different types of fish and meat to your order? If an organization thinks it is possible to provide such a service to them, it would be a great initiative if they try their best.

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